Throwing a Dinner Party?

Create a sense of occasion
Create unique invitations, add decor and let your guests know it’ll be a night to remember.

Think carefully about your guest list
Try to keep your guest list interesting, invite people who converse well and may not  have met each other. A seating plan helps prompt conversation as well.

Choose a fragrance that sets the tone for the night
The right fragrance sets the mood for an evening, whether you have fragrant roses everywhere or simply choose to wear a different perfume.

Dress to impress
Show off your style – wear something you wouldn’t normally wear out.

Get the menu just right
For a spring party, it’s nice to keep the menu quite fresh and light and seasonal. For Winter, hearty, warm food is best!

Pay attention to the details
Mix glassware that has been handed down in your family with more modern pieces. Play around with textures and colours to create a stunning atmosphere.

Use fresh, seasonal flowers to decorate
If possible, try to pick flowers from the garden for that just-gathered feel – and have height differences in the arrangement.

Give guests a gift to take home
It’s nice to send people home with something special. It will make the evening that much more memorable.

Stay relaxed – your guests will thank you
Be natural and not worry too much when things go wrong. A relaxed host – even though I hate the word ‘host’ – certainly sets the tone for the evening, so try and stay happy and calm.

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