Simple Laundry Solutions

Laundry doesn’t need to be dreadful or drawn out. These great ideas will help you keep it under control.

Laundry can be the most overwhelming, despised task of all time. Today we share 8 simple laundry solutions that work in our home in hopes that one of them will help you with your laundry.

Place a donate bin in the laundry room.

Placing a “donate” bin in, or near, your laundry room will reduce your laundry and help in all areas of home organization. Let everyone know they can put their unwanted clothes (and other things) in the bin. Take it to donate when it’s full.

Hang as many clothes as possible.

Hang all your t-shirts.  This equals less folding, fewer wrinkles, and less messy drawers.

Stay in the laundry room to fold laundry.

Stay IN the laundry room to fold and hang clothes. You won’t risk clothes sitting in a basket getting wrinkly. Your house appears cleaner because clothes aren’t in the living areas. Because you probably don’t love hanging out in the laundry room you’ll be more focused on your task so you can get out of there.

Develop a routine.

Once your laundry is caught up, try washing one load per day, no exceptions. Or, do laundry twice a week. Beware, you take a risk of getting behind if you miss one of those two days.

Create your new laundry habit by tying it to something you already do. Start a load every morning before coffee. Put a Post-it note on your coffee maker to remind you. Then, switch the load when you walk in from work. Place a Post-it on the door. Finally, finish up before you put the kids to bed. They can help. Place the Post-it by the toothbrushes. Adding a reminder to your phone works well, too. Eventually, this will become a habit.

Remove laundry baskets from bedrooms.

Try removing laundry baskets from your kid’s rooms. Instead, have two baskets in the laundry room, one for colored clothes and one for whites. Ask your kids to throw their dirty clothes in the correct basket. Their rooms stay clean (and less smelly) and it’s easy to start a load because the clothes are sorted.

Pray for the person who’s clothes you are folding.

How can you despise laundry if, as you are folding or hanging each piece, you are lifting that person up in prayer? Hang a scripture verse in the laundry room to remind you.

Use vinegar and baking soda to cut through mildew.

Do you have stinky towels or have you left a load of clothes in the washer too long? The one solution that’s worked for me is to wash the load with one cup vinegar and then rewash the same load with a half cup of baking soda, using hot water if possible.