Rules to Live By

Being a woman in today’s world is complicated. We’re continually trying to fit into a mould created by Society, a mould which typically does not fit. It’s challenging to stand up for yourself and make the right decisions when people are continually second-guessing you. So this week we’ve got some advice for women by women, to help you get ahead and live your best life.

  1. On asking for a raise/negotiation: when negotiating for anything, always start with the highest reasonable option. Say the highest number you can say without laughing out loud. You might be surprised at how much more you can get out of a deal when you start the ball rolling at a higher level.
  2. On travelling: Always pack patience and a sense of humour. You can’t prepare for everything, but with the right attitude, you can make sure that your trip has an abundance of good memories in the years to come.
  3. On food: Eat less red meat. With so much information around all the time, it can be challenging to make the right decisions when it comes to food. The main principles you need to remember all these; eat what you want when you want, but what’s your portions, and eat less red meat.
  4. On modesty: Leave a little something to the imagination. We see so many women on social media overexposing themselves, and surveys suggest that only a fraction of men find this attractive. Most women in the real world dress conservatively, so stick to that, and you’ll find that people will respect you all the more.
  5. On haters: Shake it off. Everybody has haters, people who are jealous, envious and have bad intentions towards you. You can’t control their feelings, but you can control how you react to it. So instead of wondering about the next person’s feelings towards you, focus on how you can respond positively – or ignore them and move on with your life.
  6. On relationships: Be sure to have lots of fun together. Relationships are hard, and they get hard at the worst possible moments. So, of course, our advice is to love your partner unconditionally and give them everything you can, but don’t get lost in that. Make sure that you have fun together and that you are enjoying your relationship.
  7. On work: Make the people who work for you look damn good, and support them even when they don’t. There is a saying that has become quite popular recently; people don’t leave bad jobs- they leave bad managers. Always make sure that your employees feel confident in their careers. Give them praise when it’s deserved and try not to discourage them or punish them when they don’t work as well as you hope. A happy employee is an employee who stays with you and does their best work every single day.
  8. On the future: Stay positive! the world is continually changing, and every day they are new terms and conditions to be able to live Your Life. Keep a smile on your face while navigating through these difficult times, and you will come out on the other side much wiser. Keep a positive attitude, and a hopeful spirit and the world is your oyster.
  9. On attitude: Only you can make yourself happy. most people rely on others for their happiness. When they are unhappy, they start wondering what their partners and families can do better to make them happy. You are the only person who can control your feelings and emotions. If you are unhappy, start looking for ways to change that – pick up a hobby you enjoy, find a new job, get a new hairstyle and get to the bottom of what is causing your feelings. You are the only person who can make the change.
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