Life Hacks for Busy Mornings

1. Get things ready the night before.

Did your parents nag you to get ready the night before? Mine sure did, and it turns out that they were right: thinking about the next day the night before actually makes a huge difference. If you pack your bag in a rush, chances are you’re going to forget something important. You’ll get to the office and you won’t have your laptop cable, or you’ll forget your wallet and won’t notice until you’re trying to pay for your coffee. Avoid a variety of awkward and frustrating situations by just having a quick think about what you’ll need the night before. You can prepare food like breakfast for the family, school lunches and work snacks the night before and just grab them out of the fridge in the morning!

2. Give Everything a Home.

So your bag is packed. Awesome. The question now is… where are your keys? I’m an absolute master of misplacing my keys, so take it from me — keep everything in a specific place to save yourself a lot of heartbreak. It’s as simple as having a key bowl or keeping your bag by the door. As long as you’re consistent I guarantee it will help you get out the door faster.

3. Get Into A Routine

I know, I know. Its advice that you know is true but you don’t really want to hear. If you go to bed at relatively the same time every night, chances are that waking up the in the morning is going to be easier. Same goes for kids – make sure they sleep on time and you’ll be able to get them up in no time!

4. Eat Breakfast

It may seem like a waste of time, but even a piece of fruit will make your life a lot easier, as when you are hungry you’re more likely to get flustered or angry. It’s probably best to pick something that won’t leave you starving before lunch — oatmeal or a smoothie are both recommended. If you’re super organized, you might even think about pre portioning smoothie ingredients and freezing them.

5. Don’t Watch TV — update yourself on the go.

Once you’re awake, plug your phone into your speakers and listen to the latest updates as you get dressed and brush your teeth. It will wake up your mind and mentally prepare you for the day. Alternatively, listen to your favorite music to get into the groove as you get ready to take on the world. Once you’re ready to go, pop in your headphones and get out the door. Putting the radio on in the kitchen, while the kids eat or listening to an interesting podcast will help them get done faster, without the distraction of cartoons!

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