How It Works

The Home Worth Vendor Program is a unique opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs to showcase their products on a huge online platform.

Home Worth sells a wide range of home and beauty products and sees thousands of website users every month. In order to set up an online store and market your products to the same degree, you’d need a lot of money, technical prowess and advanced marketing knowledge. By registering as a vendor on our widely successful online store, you could have all the benefits of an independent online store without the months of setup, years of technical experience or a huge marketing budget.

Your products will be included in our offering, which we market through various channels. Our website interface is extremely easy to use, the registration process is simple and efficient, and the front end is user-friendly, so your customers won’t ever struggle to purchase your goods.

How It Works

Becoming a vendor doesn’t just give you a new, large customer base. You also get all the benefits of having an Ecommerce website without the maintenance, costs and logistical issues – you upload your products to the Home Worth website, we send you the order information, you prepare your orders and our couriers will collect and deliver your stock to the customer.

Easy Peasy!

As a vendor you can make use of our payment facilities at no additional cost. We provide full training and excellent support to our vendor network, and we also offer the use of our amazing couriers for any orders placed via the website.

So, how much does it cost to become a vendor?

 We know that not all businesses are the same, so we’ve created some packages/options for our vendors to choose from. Be sure to read through the vendor obligations carefully so that you understand the terms prior to signing up.

The process is so unbelievably simple, you have no reason not to try it out!

  1. Register a vendor account on the Home Worth website.
  2. Email us with vendor subscription option you choose to go with so we can send you the necessary paperwork to sign.
  3. Get Training
  4. Upload Products – If you have a ton of products you need to upload, let us know so we can send you the bulk upload information.
  5. Add shipping charge to the product (ask us about rates & options)
  6. Take Orders
  7. Prepare Order
  8. Wait for couriers to collect order
  9. Our couriers will deliver