Cool things to do with the kids this holiday

With older kids finishing off exams, the holidays are quickly approaching. One thing every parent has in common is the overwhelming fear of bored children during the holiday season! So we’ve put together a few ideas to keep your kids busy this summer holiday – and who knows, you may even enjoy the festivities yourself!

Home Made Pizza’s

Kids love eating things they make themselves, so why not get some pizza dough and allow them to add their own toppings? You can set out cheese, tomato sauce, spiced beef, chicken nuggets and whatever other food they like and let them get creative! So they’re occupied and you don’t have to worry about making dinner – double win

A Night at the Theatre

Get your kids to put on a play – they can choose their favourite story and act it out for friends and family. This helps with confidence and socialisation as well, and they’d love telling their friends about it when school starts.

Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

Pack a box with some sweets and hide it somewhere in your home or garden – that’s the prize, Then, drop a hint at breakfast and set your kids on a treasure hunt for the day. You can set up multiple clues and make them solve one to fine the next – till they find the prize. Hours of fun and engaging, intellectual stimulation = WIN!

Fashion Forward

Kids are extremely creative, so let them express themselves with clothes. You can buy some plain, white t-shirts and fabric paint and let them spend a few hours decorating their own clothes. Do one yourself and afterward, take the family out for ice cream wearing your creations. It’ll be a fun story to tell.

Build a Fort!

Sometimes, moving some furniture and building a hide-away is enough to keep kids entertained for hours. Do it in the living room by shifting your 2 and 3 seater couches, so the backs face each other and drape sheets over them. put some pillows and blankets inside and let them play. You can even let them sleep in their fort for extra adventure.

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