5 Tips for your Eid Table

Once we spot the crescent moon in the night sky, it marks the end of Ramadan and the Eid celebration. One of the long-standing traditions of Eid is the preparation of the Eid Table – a table set up for you to eat, talk and reminisce around with the people you love.

The Eid table is the centrepiece of the home, so a lot of thought usually goes into the decor, crockery, food, and drinks that are laid out on the day. To help with this mammoth task, we’ve got five tips to help you create a magical Eid table.


Eid al-Fitr celebrates the end of the auspicious month of Ramadan. Many traditions over the holy month occur at night: beginning and ending with sighting the crescent moon; we eat at night, taraweeh prayers happen at night; and one of the most important traditions of Ramadan, Laylat Al Qadr is about staying awake at night in worship.

These nighttime traditions could inspire your colour scheme: Purple represents the night sky and gold represents the lights seen in Muslim homes or mosques in the darkness of the night as the occupants perform their Ramadan customs. Along with purple and gold, try adding blue and magenta to represent the colours seen at sunset.


“Eid Mubarak.” “Happy Eid.” “Eid Saeed.” However you say it, the sentiment means the same: You wish your friends and family a happy holiday.
Be sure to create something to relay this sentiment to the people who enter your home.

You could display it proudly on a banner or poster. Or you could set up a small chalkboard or card on the table with a sweet message for your guests. We also have a gorgeous lightbox you can customize with your message.


If you’re hosting a sit-down dinner, create a centrepiece that’s simple yet stunning.

Make use of different colours, textures, and materials to make something captivating and exciting. Flowers are a firm favourite and provide a beautiful aromatic component to the table. You could include some stunning paper decorations, stones, and candles, gold and silver ornaments and even live fish – if that’s your thing.

Money Envelopes and Gifts

Its tradition for young children to receive money if they’ve fasted throughout the whole month. Typically, most people prefer to hand notes to the children, but a pretty envelope could add a nice touch to your Eid table.

Buy some colour envelopes and personalize them for each child. It could be as simple as adding a sweet note and a cute picture, or you could go all out and add a small toy for each child.

Don’t forget your adult guests, though! Leave your guests with a sweet surprise and add party favours to the table. A small, wrapped box with a treat and note could go a long way to show your friends and family how much you care. You can even customize them and add a personal, hand-written letter for your closest loved ones.

Play the Senses

A successful and exciting dinner party assaults all the senses at the same time. The same goes for an Eid table. We tend to focus so much on what we see and taste when it comes to the Eid table – the food and decor are the primary components – that we usually forget to pay mind to the smells, textures, and sounds that our guests interact with on the day.

Touch: Play with textures when deciding on your tableware and centrepieces to promote conversations and draw the eyes. You can also use textured cushions and throws to vary the compositions of the room.

Smell: Yes, the smell of food will be wafting through the air. You can also add some other complimentary aromas to the mix – scented candles, a spritz of spray, or some incense could elevate the room more than you think. Be sure the smell matches your decor and theme though – if your decor is light and floral, do a spritz of floral spay. If you’re going for a more elegant theme, with dark colours and shiny metals, candles will add to the ambience. If your theme is more eclectic – like a Moroccan or Arabic theme – you could opt for the heavy aroma of incense.

Sound: The sound of people talking and laughing is enough to make you smile, but there do tend to be lulls in conversation, and during those times, some light instrumental music could help set the scene and complete the theme. Just find some music to suit your theme, and make sure it’s not loud enough to be distracting or overwhelming. If your theme is elegant, go for some beautiful classical piano or violin music. A playful theme could benefit from a playlist filled with light guitar sounds or some electronic sounds. For Arabic or Moroccan themes, there is a lot of instrumental Arabic music available. The music is not meant to entertain or form a significant component of the day – it’s all about setting the mood you want and complementing the occasion.