4 ways to impress house guests!

Do you plan on having houseguests over soon? This time of year, we typically host a lot of family events and parties with overnight guests. If your house is the same, take note. I have four tips that will help you prepare for and impress your houseguests.

1. Spread out snacks. Food is always a good thing. Keep easy to prepare snacks and drinks available at all times. Make sure you have age-appropriate food as well (for children and the elderly). A snack drawer, drink station, and deli drawer in the fridge are great options for guests. It’s also a great touch to put snacks in different parts of the house too. A personal favorite this time of year is spiced nuts in a bowl on the coffee table in the living room.

2. Offer fun entertainment options. It’s great if you can have a wide array of options available to your guests, whether it’s a game of Monopoly, a dip in the pool, or an On-Demand movie rental, offer your guests something to do with their free time (when you’re at home).

Better yet—have age-appropriate tasks for guests to help you with. Guests love to contribute and feel like they’re part of your home. (I typically ask younger kids to help with making appetizers or prep for lunch).

3. Add delightful touches that will make a big difference. It’s a no-brainer to make sure to clean your home before guests arrive. Take an hour to fluff the pillows, dust the furniture, wash the dishes, empty the trash, vacuum, and mop the floors. But try also getting some more luxurious products for guest bathrooms and bedrooms in addition to freshly laundered sheets and towels. Adding a seasonal candle, hand soap, lotion, and shampoo to a guest bathroom goes a long way.

4. Create a cozy atmosphere. Display fresh flowers, light a candle, lay a cozy blanket on the sofa, and make sure the thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature. You can also offer the adults their own robe and slippers. Go above and beyond for them! You want your guests to feel at home. An inviting atmosphere is key. Welcome your guests with open arms and inviting home. They are worth it!

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