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4 Chores for Young Kids

One thing we love about little kids is that they think chores are fun. There are many chores that they would like to do, but they are just too small.

Getting kids to do chores from a young age teaches them responsibility and gives them a sense of purpose – they feel like they are contributing to the house and start learning to feel proud when the job is done properly. It is very important for both boys and girls to have set chores in the house, so we’re going to share a few easy chores to get them started!


Kids as young as 4 can start vacuuming the house. It’s super fun for them to push the vacuum around look for things to suck up. Have them vacuum once or twice a week so they can get used to the idea of keeping their environment tidy – and soon you’ll find that they’ll start packing their toys away more diligently in order to keep the floor tidy.

Wiping down counters

Letting your kids wipe the furniture, counters and bathroom surfaces down is a great way to get them into the habit of disinfecting. You can get some really handy disinfectant cleaning wipes to help them so that they don’t need to handle water or dangerous cleaning supplies. Use your discretion on whether or not your kids are mature enough to use these types of wipes. Be sure to teach them to wash their hands thoroughly after handling cleaning supplies and disinfectant wipes.


Letting your children dust furniture is a super easy way to get them to help out around the house – especially for younger kids. You can get special wipes for them if you want them to add polish, or let them use a special microfibre cloth or duster. Just be careful if you suspect your child has allergies, or they may become uncomfortable.

Putting things away

This one’s a little bit tricky because you’d have to set a time of day for the toys to be put away – we recommend doing it before dinner and bathtime so that they understand that their room should be tidy before bed. This helps to teach your children independence and organization skills so that they learn how to group items together and take responsibility for their space.

These chores are simple enough for young kids to do, and will teach them vital lessons on how to become responsible and organized – tasks that will lead them to become successful adults!

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